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Thread: Rehablilitation Centers other than Craig Hospital.

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    Rehablilitation Centers other than Craig Hospital.

    I am looking for a rehabilitation center that is located somewhere it never snows so that I can learn to drive. I am hoping to find one in Arizona, because I will be moving there soon anyway. I would love to go to Craig, but by the time I get it will most likely be winter, and I refuse to learn how to drive in the snow. So I am looking for some help in finding somewhere I can become totally independent all at once with no snow!!!! Can anyone help me??? If you can, please email me at or here to let me know.

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    denver is really not that bad some doctors claim there is atleast 1 day a week year around they can play golf.

    but i think miami would be a good choice

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    University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle

    Snow is quite rare in Seattle. I learned to drive at the UW last November and have yet to encounter any snow. The UW has a great reputation for rehab too.

    We've had one storm this year but it melted quickly. However, I grew up in Minnesota and also worked at a ski resort in Utah so I am not worried about driving in snow.

    Good luck in making your choice.

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    Cool Thanks!

    Thank you for all of your advice. I will take it under considerable attention while deciding which place will be the best fit for me!!!!

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    It only snows in Houston every 10-12 years -- you could try TIRR. My husband did his rehab there and while I had some complaints about the doctors AFTER he left, the rehab he had was good.

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    RIC in Chicago is great. They can get you through the driving program in four days.

    FYI it does snow in AZ...
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    Since being able to drive is a big part of life, I moved the thread. I hope it gets an increase in replies.
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    why do you have to go so far away to learn to drive?
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    I agree with Liz, but you're only about 500 miles from Sheperd in GA and Kessler in NJ. Atlanta gets a few flakes per winter and West Orange can get a lot more than that. You really don't need a rehabilitation institute to learn how to use hand controls - especially if you drove before the sci.
    Good luck,
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