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Thread: The new trend in hotel bed height

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancientgimp
    Even if we can manage the transfer we should all complain whenever we encounter one of these beds. We will be doing the next chair user a favor.
    Indeed. Speak directly to management. Don't expect anyone at the front desk to pass on the information. They could get busy and forget or just not realize how important it is.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cass
    so i don't know if anybody has noticed but many hotels are switching to what i call european style beds, which are several inches taller than standard wheelchair seat height, making my transfer impossible. anybody else running into this?
    Taller maybe, wider the same? In US one have Queen, King and now I know european beds. Okay then.

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    we stayed at the sorrel ranch in moab ut last yr.they to siad room handicap
    lol shower bench was 6 inches lower than chair so after shower got dress but no way could me and my sister get me back in chair had to call front desk for help also when going to bed had to call front desk for some to assist my sister to get me in of course that ivolved more tips

    got to love it

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    I hope that you all will forgive me for" butting in" but if you ever want to give Thailand a go for holiday we provide our Customers with height adjustable beds.

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