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Thread: Feet fall of ZR Footrest

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    Feet fall of ZR Footrest

    I was recently fitted for a new ZR. They change my Roho from a 9 x 9 to a 9 x 10 (longer than wide). I am a T12. My feet will not stay on the footrest. So I went back to my 9 x 9 and it is better but still not good. My OT said to turn the footrest around so the plate was more forward. I have adjusted the footrest height so I know the procedure.

    My question is: Is it easy to remove the footrest and put it back in? It looks like the frame is angled and it would come out very hard and go back even harder. I don't want to get it out and not be able to get it back in!


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    Do you have a calf strap on the chair?
    I'm not familiar with your particular chair..

    When you say your feet won't stay on
    do they fall behind/underneath your chair?
    or in front of the foot plate?
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    It isn't that difficult to do if you use the folowing technique....

    - Remove the footrest and the clamps from the front frame.
    - Sand out any scratches.
    - Slide the clamps back on the extension tubes to the location you want them to be.
    - Insert the extension tubes back into the front frame moving both sides evenly.
    - Slide the clamp into the front frame and tighten.

    You have to squeeze the front frame a little to get the clamps in, but it doesn't take much effort. This technique is much easier than leaving the clamps inside the front frame and trying to insert the extension tubes into the the clamps.

    Under what conditions does it usually come off? Do you have the tubular footrest or the tubular with ABS cover?

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