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Thread: What Is A Good Natural Diuretic

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    What Is A Good Natural Diuretic

    Need To Shed Some Water rep
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    craneberry juice

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    Is it foot swelling?

    One of the members here (thank you Shannon!) turned me onto 'Horse Chestnut' for edema. I have found slight improvement. Maybe try that?
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    prune juice or lenttel soup

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    some will make you pee more, some will stimulate bowels. be careful you're using whichever you are intending to get the results of.

    caffeine will make you pee, prunes will stimulate bowels. might want to specify what you're intending to accomplish w/ the diuretic, that way the suggestions will reflect your plans.

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    Yes, I agree. More clarificaiton would be good.


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    Grapefruit juice is a VERY good one John. If I get feet swelling troubles, I hit the GJ. It taste's good and is good for ya.

    IF you don't like the taste, add Vodka then it will taste good to ya, lol. Oh, and GJ and alcohol are both diuretic.

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    feet swelling i hate it. hot humid summer here in ohio that always makes them puffy.

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    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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