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Thread: Get ready for us!

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    Re future outpatient needs and travel times - sure it's a consideration, but just take it a day at a time for now; get to the best rehab facility that you feel offers the best care and rehab. The case managers at the rehab facility you choose may be able to help with outpatient needs down the road - but that's down the road, and this is NOW!

    Re prelim insurance coverage - I may be talking out of my hat, I don't know; but I think that as long as your hubbie is showing 'improvements' and progress in his rehab, the rehab docs can intervene with the insurance companies and get longer stays.

    My suggestion to you is to do your initial research - get to the rehab facility you and your man feel is the best for the both of you - take each situation a day at a time - and let the pros at the facility help you with the 'down the road' questions.

    When my son was at Kessler, there were patients there from Germany and South Africa!!!!

    Good Luck!!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    A GOOD Rehab Center is invaluable in your husband's future....It lays the groundwork for his recovery and needs coming up. Not only in the physical sense but the mental issues as well. My son was injured 2 years ago and we had the decision to stay closer to home or go to RIC in Chicago. Looking back it shouldn't have even been worth a second thought. You probably will find that out when you visit them. The expertise of Rehab Institute of Chicago was tremendous in all aspects of his rehab. He now does outpatient stuff at our local hospital with occasional input from them.. We were lucky to have a very progressive Physical Therapy Dept. here for him after his initial rehab. Insurance should allow his care longer than 30 days due to his limitation with the cast. Marmalady is right again, the Rehab Docs can usually justify to the Ins. Co. and will want to. Good luck, you are doing a great job in researching all of this now. Take care, Lind

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    You have come to the right place for advice

    Dear Sue,

    welcome to this forum, though with a lot of sadness. I live thousands of mile from where you are. I am a quad and have learnt a lot more than what my doctors have told me. I pray and wish your hubby a speedy recovery, and to you, that God may give you the strength and courage to go through thus test.

    To all those members who have posted the best advice, A big Thank you & God Bless you all.

    Warm regards & best wishes,

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    I send you courage & hope . . .

    We have some things in common 4Sue. My husband was 52 yrs when he was hurt cutting wood, T5 complete, no sensation or movement from midchest down. Its only been 2 and a half years but it seems like a life time ago. Those first few months were emotional/physical overload as I recall as it must seem like for you right now. Its a true blessing you found us so soon after your husbands injury and I hope we can be a source of strength and support for you. There is nothing you can't ask or share here! (And I do mean nothing!!!!)

    If there is anything you would like to ask or even if you just want to vent please e-mail me.

    By the way, try to remember, a sense of humour will take you a long way when the going gets tough and you will even find some things to laugh at here too!!!

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