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Thread: In Search of the Lost Cord

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    In Search of the Lost Cord

    Happy New Years Caregivers,

    I hope this is a year of positive change and hope for all of us.

    I recently completed Luba Vikhanski's book called In Search of the Lost Cord. I would recommend this book for Caregivers. I am quite frequently overwhelmed by the discussions that take place in the cure section of this forum. Luba's book is an excellent source to help nderstand what I am reading. Also the book is not like most scientific text I have read. It is written so that a non-medical person could gain a little bit of knowledge and add a little bit of hope for the elusive cure.

    Warmest Regards, Alice

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    Belated Happy New Year, also, Alice!

    Don't know how I missed your post before - I'm looking forward to reading the book. Do your eyes also glaze over with all the technical info?!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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