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Thread: Legs feel weighted down...

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    Legs feel weighted down...

    My legs feel like they have sandbags on them now--compared to not feeling them at all. I have the urge to move them, but they just feel REALLY heavy and don't budge. This SCI stuff is crazy. It's hard to explain right now, but I can feel these leg muscles twitching slightly, but nothing happens yet. This feeling started out as nerve impulses (electrical shocks going from my brain to cord to my legs) and now those have been replaced by this "pressure" on my legs. They aren't even tingling as much anymore. I wonder if this is what it feels like before voluntary motor comes back? Wouldn't that be swell.

    My legs are really starting to stretch/raise themselves slowly at the knee and gently kick out involuntarily. It's annoying as hell when I am rolling, but at least they are moving.

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    spasms spasms

    I know. 29 years of it. I've learned to deal with it and block it out. Most of the time
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    Wheelie that does sound like good news. Have you every tried to assist moving your legs with electrical stimulation? They have nice devices called bio feedback machines that have built in e-stim as well. That way they can see if ur kickin gur muscles in at all.
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    Well, Coffee, I asked my neurosurg abuout it and he said at this point it won't matter. The legs will move when they are ready and stimming them wouldn't matter. I am not too sure about that. I see my SCI doc in about a week and he is more in tune with the recovery phase and should be able to give me a better opinion.

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    bump anyone else with this pressure feeling, in transition after tingling...

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