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Thread: Holiday Greetings

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    Holiday Greetings

    I would like to wish everyone a peaceful season. I feel there is so much to reflect on; our loved one's progress or setbacks over the last year, and the wonder of looking forward to see what the new year will bring. It's difficult to feel sadness and joy in my heart at the same time.

    I wish everyone peace in their hearts and souls, and hope the new year brings joy and peace to the world. Jackie

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    We have joined ( not by our own decision ) a very special and peculiar family of people.Not many have the privilege and challenge of caring for others the way we do.Mother Teresa chose this life stye but it was the motivation of her heart that seperates her from so many. May we too learn the simple act of loving and giving with such joy.Speaking for myself, I'm a work in process.May God bless us one and all, Joseph You might even say "It's the reason for this season"

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    Happy Holidays

    Hi Everyone,
    We intend to have a *much* better holiday than last year here in our house! December 13th is the one year mark for our Daughters' injury. Last Christmas we spent in the hospital not knowing if or when she would ever walk again.
    Our lovely daughter is being released from PT on Dec. 18th. She is walking, she can ride her bike (with shoe clamps), she is trying to run and jump rope, with mixed results. She is recently weaned from the neurontin/elavil. She has a 'livable' amount of neuropathic pain, and minimal bowel/bladder troubles. Some days are better than others.
    Yes, it could have never happened. We try not to dwell on that. Right this moment she is upstairs working on the Marcello Oboe Concerto for a competition in January. She is also readying her piano pieces for Festival in January, and looking forward to next summer, when we have promised to take her and her sister to Yellowstone.
    One way, or another it seems life continues.


    M.Elston SCI Mom to 15YO incomplete L2-3

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    A celebration


    How wonderful. An oboe concert.

    Over the past three years of Spinewire/Cando, I have noticed that there is marked rise in discontent and depression in the community that comes with the Christmas and New Year season. Despair comes with the marking of another year. I don't know what the solution is but maybe we should plan a festschrift, a celebration of everything good that has happen to us in the past year, and love for friends and family. Let us hold an internet Christmas/Hanukah/New Year Party on the forums... It is BYOB and there will be lots of friends.


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    Celebrate the Good

    I would start by celebrating the fact that we survived the "collapse" of SpineWire and the community is like a Phoenix and has risen here at Carecure. This site has been a lifesaver for me since August. I feel more connected and less isolated. A big Cheers to all on the site.

    Dr. Young, can we have a party time and date? See if we can crash the system as we all log on to Toast and Cheer or community.

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