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Thread: Incomplete para with sore leg

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    Incomplete para with sore leg

    Man I have just stumbled on this site after years trying to find one just like it. It rocks my world.

    Anyways, I have a problem with my left leg thats been bugging me on and off for about a year now. Its got to the point now that I can't sleep at nite. I had a fall about 2 weeks ago and although very painful (a few swear words were shouted), the pain subsided after about an hour. But it keeps coming back. There seems to be no reason behind it, except if i am just sitting at a desk or something or lying in bed (the pain is the worst in bed) I seem to lose sensation in the left hand which sometimes gets very painful also. I have periods where I lose strength in the left hand. The left leg is permanently considerably weaker than the right leg as well. this has been the case for about a year and I never got around to seeing a doctor because I thought I would go away - it never did.

    I am a life long incomplete para with spina bifida and hydrocephalus (about 33 years) and recently diagnosed with chiaris malformation. Does anyone know about the prevalence of syrigomyelia with chiaris malformation. I fear I have the onset of this. I hope its just a pinched nerve though (prolly is).

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    You should see a doctor anytime you get something new. You might also post your question in the care forum, but they will probably just tell you the same thing. Hope your leg feels better.

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