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Thread: calling all caregivers

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    calling all caregivers

    howdy everyone. i'm kina new to this site, so tell me if i did not do this rite.
    im 19 and a 3 year post c-5 quad. i moved from michigan to flordia 6 months ago (by myself),and am having a crap-load of truble with finding good help. today i finley told the nursing service im finnding my own help for daytime hours beccause i feel like they're limitinng my independance. anyone been in ths position before? if anyone knows of anyone inn the orlando area who is intrested in caregiving, who is easy to get along with, NOT LAZY, and who has common sense, please, please contact me. i'm easy going, and easy to get along with. anyonee else with sugestions, im wide open.....

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    re good help

    Hi, Phelpsey, Welcome to the site! All of us understand your plight - we've all been there. I would suggest to you that you post your message in the 'Life' forum; we have folks in Florida who may be able to give you a boost. Good Luck!

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    Hi Phelpsey

    I'm in Orlando down by Orlando International.

    My only suggestion is to check out the Work Wanted ads in the Sentinel. There are usually lots of ads for those seeking elderly care positions but I'm sure they'd consider your situation, too.

    I don't use caregivers much at all so I'm not a lot of help.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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