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Thread: What do you need?

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    I think lilsis makes an excellent point re the sci's person possibly needing time alone. I still require it. Also, if my family doesn't do any of the things they want which I can't participate in, that makes ME feel guilty. I really hate guilt, it's a unproductive emotion. I would much rather be home alone than feeling guilty in a room of people who aren't having fun because I can't. Stacey, I'm so glad he's coming out from under that cloud. I had been wondering...the thing is, you weren't responsible for the cloud. You didn't give it to him and you didn't take it away. I echo Marmalady and lilsis here, you must take care of yourself. Especially with all those kids! Not to mention an emotionally draining job which not many people could do. Don't martyr yourself to his sci, please. I think we, the sci people, fight like demons trying not to. I sure don't want the people I love to have to. Good luck, girl. Please take care of yourself.

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    You are all so great, I really miss this place. I guess what I need to do is talk to Joe about how he feels about me soing things he can no longer do. I feel like I tiptoe areound so much trying not to upset him. It's hard because we always did everything together, we were best friends. Doing these things alone now, just aren't the same. I do need to get into running again, I have gained 40 pounds since his accident! With my family history of cardiac disease, I can't afford it!
    Some ggod news, I have a pregnant maltese puppy. She should be due in 3 weeks. Every time I look at her I feel guilty, the poor baby. I have ever let her have the spot on the bed between Joe and I.
    Thanks for all the advice. I have taken care of everyone all my life, it's hard to stop. I will keep trying though, I so desperately want to be happy again.

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