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Thread: willstanging frame with glider suffice for treadmill?

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    willstanging frame with glider suffice for treadmill?

    Insurance would not cover glider option for standing frame, but it is available. easystand evolve youth Glider. I wonder if this glider activity which is reciprical with arm levers, like skiing, would be beneficial in a way that locomotion on a treadmill would be? minus the stepping action.
    I can appeal the denial I guess, any offers for assistance?
    don't know what EZ walker is, cant find it online.
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    In my opinion, the glider function was very important for me in the beginning of my recovery. At first I couldn't even stand for 30sec so I had someone else pump the handles for me to keep my legs moving, in turn, keeping my blood pressure up. Now that my arms are getting stronger I use it as an upper body workout when I get bored while standing. If you have glutes and hip flexors you can incorporate those with your arm workout. Is it worth the $5000.00? for me yes!
    Oh, also I think my insurance covered around $1000 because I used a non in-network DME. Had I used in-network then they might have covered more.
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    I tried out the older model of the glider (at a pt facility, not purchased, luckily), and was shocked at how terrible it was - almost no range of motion at all. Is the newer model much improved?

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    It is not true gait training, but I would try and get it through appeal have nothing to lose. If you are considering getting that option and paying for it out of pocket, I would say invest the money instead into a good rehabilitation program that also offers gait training.
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    EasyStand Glider -appeal

    Hi, my name is Jackie, and I have worked for EasyStand for 11 years. Just wanted to mention a couple things:

    missrhonda, yes you should definetly appeal. There are letters of medical necessity that are specific to the Glider on our website at We also have research studies specific to active (recipricoal leg movement) standing. Also, we have found some insurance companies will pay for the EasyStand, and then the consumer will pay for the Glider option out-of-pocket. We have a funding specialist on staff who could also review your letter and offer suggestions on how to improve it. Her name is Nancy Perlich and she can be reached at or 877-844-1172. Hope this helps.

    jgrant27, it sounds to me like the Glider was not adjusted correctly for your body type. The seat depth, back angle, and kneepads can all be adjusted to provide you with over center standing and full range of motion. The footplates are also adjustable on the new Evolv Glider. Did the therapist seem like they were knowledgable on the product use and adjustments? Yes the Evolv Glider model has improved, but it is very unusual to hear that a person was not happy with the ROM on the 6000 Glider.

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