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Thread: any federal disabled employees

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    any federal disabled employees

    any federal disabled employees in here like me that is getting past over for promotions or past over for a higher paying job because of your disability ?

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    Have you filed an EEO complaint? There has to be a process for this in your agency.

    We bend over backwards to hire PWD where I work, so I don't see it except occasionally with those who were already employed and them become disabled, and that varies by job and department.


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    Absolutely never!

    I have broken through the glass ceiling for my job description.

    I work for the NASA agency. NASA has been very very nice to me.


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    Have you said anything around the job about maybe taking an early disability retirement? The DoD has a requirement, or did, that you needed a bad job evaluation or 2 to be able to qualify for disability retirement. The SO went to bat for a guy who was having a real downhill slide for while because he was doing a great job and then going home and collapsing till the next morning. He left with no bad ratings and was later able to go back to a job with more flexibility after a change of meds and a lot of rest.
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