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Thread: Any Quads That live in PA?

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    I believe California would do 24 hours but you have to be a special case that you need to be watched 24 hours so you don't do any harm to yourself. Cut yourself, hurt yourself etc. and even though these might be the cases I don't think that they are willing to give more than the maximum hours 283. Especially now that Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to cut a lot of services.

    I got reassessed this year and they have cut down on my hours. After doing my own reassessment I figured out that my provider has been getting paid for much more less than what she needs. I tried to explain to them that I need more hours but instead I got an answer that I should appeal. The only way they are trying to save money for the state is to cut hours from the providers but they never think how much the appeal would cost the state. I have sent the papers for the appeal and now waiting on a date. I wish they would put in people for IHSS that know what type of services we need done. and not just come into someone's home spend five minutes and cut them just because they feel a person is receiving too many minutes or hours.
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