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Thread: What can aides legally do? (MD in my case.)

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    I'm still not getting very far.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    After my last surgery, my Mom, who was my caretaker at the time, had to go to classes to get training to do certain things like dressing changes, diaper changes, pressure sore checking, ect. After she completed several classes, she got certified and was able to do all of this. She get's paid through the state and comes over in the morning and at night. After surgery, I wasn't able to move around easily, due to the incision spot on my abdomen, so after I was discharged from the nursing home I recovered at for a little bit after surgery, Mom took over the caretaking stuff. She basically changed diapers, emptied my ostomy appliance (while I was learning to do all that ostomy stuff), got me dressed, and did chores like washing dishes and washing clothes. Mom also would fill up several water bottles in the morning, so I'd remember to drink enough during the day.

    There are several agnecies that might be able to help you. When I was in the nursing home, they had a state worker interview me and ask what I could do and couldn't do on my own, so she'd know what type of caretaker to assign. Eventually, she asked Mom if she'd like to do it if she took the necessary classes for it.


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