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Thread: Hoyer lift slings

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    Hoyer lift slings

    Any suggestion on the best Hoyer lift sling? I am interested mostly in removable slings.

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    I prefer Guldmann.
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    I have the one Lewis has posted above and this one

    Even though the second one is supposedly for people who sit on it for long periods of time I remove mine after every use. It's not as stiff as the first one and is a little easier for my caregivers. Both are real good I guess it's just the preference of the person. Plus if I need to use it to get into the water it dries fairly quickly because it is mesh.

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    Will these work with 4 hook lifts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Rolfe
    Will these work with 4 hook lifts?

    If you have any kind of spasms I would stick to one that crosses between your legs because I find it safer and very difficult to spasm out of onto the floor. Most of these are easy to get on and off in a wheelchair and usually require the person to be rolled side to side to fit under while in a bed.
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    I couldn't say about mine. It has six loops. Possibly two could go on the same hooks. Check out the website in my link. Mine is the universal mesh sling. If you click on the photo, it will enlarge so you can see it better.

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    Thanks guys, I can use all the info I can get.

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    Hoyer is a brand name, and they have several models. Some slings are specific for a specific brand and model of lift. The generic term is floor-based mobile lift. You may not be able to use a Guldman or Invacare or Arjo or Liko or Surehands sling on a specific Hoyer lift. It would be like putting a VW part on a Saturn. It helps to be more specific with your requests.

    Ideally, you would usually want a sling that is cut out in the buttocks and lifts under the thighs so that the sling can easily be placed and removed when in a sitting position (wheelchair or commode) as it is not good for your skin to sit in one all day. Some people need the support of a high-back, while others do just fine without that. Some companies carry as many as 35 different sling models, and each of these in different sizes.


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    KLD, thanks. This is the lift I have:

    Do you have any tips on sizing; I'm 6'2, about 190. are the u-shape slings hard to use/adjust?

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