I feel rather stupid posting this to the care section because others have far more serious worries, but it's become a real quality of life issue for me, posted this on new mobility some time ago, got a few suggestions, but thought I'd try for more... any creative suggestions on blowing one's nose/clearing sinuses... my lungs are weak enough that I can't blow hard enough to make anything come out... I wind up spiraling a tissue to a point and shoving it up there, try to drag stuff out, I've also tried suction through my nose with various devices to no avail, also tried having someone push on my stomach when I blow
also, my sinuses swell... I believe partially due to baclofen, ditropan & oxycontin... so there's not that much up there anyway... the standard issued Dr. nasal sprays don't do much... Afrin works great, but my understanding is you don't want to be using that stuff very much so I don't, I'm also getting drainage down my throat which inhibits talking because it chokes me sometimes
this is really becoming inhibiting... with the weakened lungs & low blood pressure I need all the oxygen I can get... eating & talking, & dictating into the computer get exhausting because I'm unable to do those & breathe through my mouth at the same time
so for those of you with decreased lung capacity, how do you keep your nose clear & open?