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Thread: Getting ahead??

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    Getting ahead??

    How does one get ahead under the current system?? I live in Pa., have been working FT for the past 5 years. In order to maintain my eligibility for attendant care under the Waiver program, I enroll in MAWD. My roughly monthly contribution to MAWD is $70. I am very thankful for that! But within a month, my monthly income will exceed the eligibility limits for MAWD, and I will need to enroll in the Pa Act150 Program. My net monthly income will only increase by about $100/month. Yet from the figures I was given, my monthly cost for the Act150 Program will increase from $70/month to more then $180. So somehow I'm losing money by getting a raise! How is one supposed to get ahead under this system, as basically every dollar of income I receive, will be deducted. Am I missing something here??

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    Have you looked into the Medicaid 1619b waiver? Can you deduct Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE)?

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    Our government should definitely do better than penalizing a hard working person with a disability. Have you contacted your local congress person.

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