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Thread: Nerv pain: why do some get it and some don't?

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    Dr. Young,

    I have tried to find some pictures of MRI's made of neuropathy online. I thought it would be interesting to see if the images show neuropathic pain as well as "real" pain. In other words, does the brian acknowledge it as pain. Also, if the brain is acknowledging pain, does that mean that certain nerve signals are getting through the spinal cord to the brain?



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    pain why would a spinxz <sp> make the pain worse i really want scream
    right now my feet are on fire my lung feels like they are burning they have me on 150 mg 2 times a day and its really not working. i am c6c7 incomplete

    but i can feel when you touch me be low injury granted not with a q tip
    but just regular feel

    and really dumd ? what exactly is a spinx > and how bad are they? how do you know you have 1

    how does a tens unit help?

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    I have neuropathic pain after having a spinal stroke.
    Tried numerous different meds in rehab. nothing worked including
    gabapentin (neurontin) or Lyrica. I did try a toke on a joint once, but it was old grass and I am not really into it anyway it did nothing. I find it wipes me out for a weekend and I dont have time to live like that.
    I was offered morphine patches by the pain management team at the hospital, again I dont want to live like that.
    So I take nothing because nothing works.
    I asked the pain management team if I could try acupuncture or other therapies, they looked blank! Its meds or nothing! I havent found an acupuncturist yet who is game to treat me.

    I find that swimming in a warm pool helps. Cold water is a bit tough, it doesnt help.
    I was also taught a breathing technique by the psych in hospital which helps me to breath through it when I am trying to go to sleep or concentrate on something else.

    There was a book that she recommended that helps people cope with chronic pain and it has some good advice I thought. If anyone wants the name of it PM me and I'll dig it out.

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    While I was in the hospital, I had HORRIBLE neuropathic pain, but I haven't had any neuro pain in the longest time. I was on about 1500mg of Neurontin while in the hospital, and after about 5 months of being home my neuro pain took a huge decline. I would get the occasional HORRIBLE neuro pain, but now I never get neuro pain. I am a complete para at T10, and my surgeon said that my spinal cord was the worst that he's ever seen. Like someone said, I guess luck of the draw.

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    pain drives me nuts keeps ME up and cant sleep as soon as i lay down or try and nap,pain wakes me up.
    i thought this fentora was working, but noy that well, change to methdone too.
    cauda equina

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