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Thread: Stent problems

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    Stent problems

    Hi i had a stent put in years ago in my sphinster. actually it is a stent inside of a stent. i was told it was fully reversable at the time. well a few years later i had to much pressure in my bladder so had to get a super pubic catherter put in. My sphinctster grew completely closed through the stents. Over the last few years i get accasional pain from the stent and the last few months it is constant and getting unbearable. i am tired of taking pain meds that dont work. i looked into getting the stents out but it is major surgury were they cut them out and sew you closed forever. I dont think i could physically withstand the surgery this brutal so my dr said pain management. yeah ok! does anyone have any ideas or special dr that is good with this situation for a second opinion? your thoughts dr young?

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    What area of the country do you live in?

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    Bert, no advice, but hold on to hope, feel better and take care, friend.


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    Upstate meaning western NY or meaning north of Albany. If in Western NY, (when I grew up there, we considered ourselves upstate from NYC), I would call the Rehab Unit at Erie County Medical Center and see who they might recomend.

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    i live in albany. please any suggestions? i am very desperite.

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