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  • I have not had significant depression requiring clinical attention or medication

    16 51.61%
  • I had depression requiring clinical attention and intervention during the first year after injury

    2 6.45%
  • I had occasional bouts of depression requiring clinical intervention during and/or after the first year

    5 16.13%
  • I have had repeated bouts of mild or moderate depression requiring clinical attention during and/or after the first year

    7 22.58%
  • I have had repeated bouts of severe depression associated with suicide attempts and clinical intervention

    1 3.23%
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Thread: Did you and when did you have depression after spinal cord injury?

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    Did you and when did you have depression after spinal cord injury?

    While it is common knowledge that people suffer depression after spinal cord injury, the incidence, severity, and cause of the depression is not well understood. What percentage of people became depressed, when the depression occurred, and how severe was the depression? It is difficult to answer all these questions on one poll with only five choices. However, it should give us some idea of how prevalent and severe depression is, as well as the timing (before or after one year). Since everybody gets depressed every once in a while, the choices really refer to depression that required medical attention and intervention.

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    depression poll

    Dear Wise,

    Are you asking for a poll from caregivers/family members, or SCI folks themselves?

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    marmalady, what a great idea! Would you like to start a poll for the caregivers? Wise.

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    Dr. Young

    The poll is getting a fair number of reads but few responses. Maybe placing it under life for those with SCI and defining it better like you are suggesting for the carecivers.

    A question that I wonder as I am sure others do...if we respond to the poll does our name get listed as the last this an anonymous poll? I did my masters thesis on this and I am surprised by the few responses as well as the results. They vary from my research greatly.

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    I just posted an article about suicidal ideation at

    Perhaps one of the reasons why not so many people are responding to this poll is because it is in the caregiver section. In any case, I shall shift it over and highlight it in the front page as soon as we get more responses on the complete and incomplete poll.


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    I am severely depressed as we speak. I would say I'd be suicidal if I had any idea of a way to do it. I've never been this far down. The doc is putting me on Remeron again.

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