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Thread: What happened to YOU?

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    I'm usully pretty free with the reason if asked, and always amazed to see the horrified look on people's faces when I tell them (it's either horror or uncomfortable laughter because they think I'm joking).

    It's like... you knew it wasn't going to be a pleasant answer, so why are you so disturbed now? Yes it was making out with a guy and got bumped off a porch... Did you want me to tell you I'm only momentarily recovering from getting the rainbows removed from my ass? Should I say I had a head on unicorn collision?

    Sometimes I think people expect me to say it was something more traditional injury-wise, but the truth pops out, and they realize they didn't really want to know such intimate shit in the first place. Hopefully they gain something from the experience, because the last thing I'm going to start doing is something as out of charachter as lying to spare some invasive strangers feelings, you know?
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    Well let's see it's 5 words " A Building Fell On Me" and for the few that want more details I will always pull out pictures, and X-Rays, one even threw Up. Oh Well, "That's not Life, That's New York Life" that is how the commercial used to go.
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    "This is all temporary right?"

    I usually move my legs or stand and say "Yea I hope so"

    The funny part was going to the pool hall with my friend. man o man did we draw a lot of attention. first off, if you play pool, you already know people size your game up. so I guess being in a wheelchair, they wanted to see what I was made of. I felt the stares (my friend is used to it) and then there was a shot I couldnt take sitting down, so I stood up, took the shot, scored the 8 ball. that was the last time I felt stares the rest of the night.

    very very weird.
    even more weird was the fact that I felt bad I wasnt drawing attention anymore. hahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    So has anyone asked you two out of the blue if he can have sex?
    I've been asked that question three separate times by total strangers who didn't even introduce themselves first. Twice I answered the question honestly. The only reason I didn't the third time is that I was out with friends, drinking, in a goofy mood and the chick who asked me was clearly so drunk that she wouldn't have remembered anything I told her anyway.

    I figure that if someone is asking me that kind of question, they are looking at me as a sexual person and that is way better than being viewed as asexual.


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    I really haven't been asked often but normally it doesn't really bother me. I can only think of one man that annoyed me by asking and it was more the way he asked plus he kept asking questions about the accident and my life. Most the time the people that have asked know someone in a chair why that makes them feel they have the right to ask no idea, but whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass
    mine was an mva too. sitting at red light on way to engineering job, about 8 a.m. or half past. guy going over 80 mph rearended me. i don't really care to relate it to every joe/jane doe who asks.
    And yet you've posted it on a public message board that has at least 10,000 members, not to mention the random traffic (no pun intended) that wanders through.


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    Once a month? Is that all? Your fiance is on Easy Street, GreenTea.

    The worst offenders are drunks. In my drinking days, I got it bad. They called me everything from Dr. Strangelove to Ironside. Maybe that's why I stopped going to bars 23 years ago.

    Your first reaction is to retaliate, verbally at least. But I always kept my cool because you never know who has a knife or a gun.

    This past weekend, an able-bodied guy near my town died from just one punch to the head.

    Back to the original subject, last weekend at the beach some little kid said to his father, "Daddy, why is that guy in a wheelchair?"

    I didn't even see the kid because I was way too busy checking out the lifeguard's, um, er ah..... "uniform."

    Hey, Toots, can you run in slow motion like Jasmine Bleeth?

    Due to my "habit" (Oh, sorry I though your eyes WERE
    down there), I can't complain about people staring.

    Another little tyke asked his dad what the contraption (Braun wheelchair lift) was on top of my car.

    I yelled "I keep my mother-in-law up there, Junior!"

    When they mention the permanent/temporary thing,
    I say "Sure, it's been temporary for 36 years now."
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    I agree with Scott. I think it takes courage to ask ,and it is a great opportunity to share your story. The reaction I usually get is amazement and then I see it sink in how easily it could happen to them. Educate 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Leatherbee
    I still say its a very rude question that only stupid people would ask such a thing out of the blue.
    One could say that only stupid people turn down the opportunity to educate others when said opportunity falls in their lap. Of course, that sort of general labeling would be equally wrong.

    Would I think of asking Fat people why they are fat? of course not.
    Oh, please. Are you truly unaware of the fact that people stare at fat people just as often as they stare at people who use wheelchairs? Have you never heard of total strangers advising fat people in restaurants that they should order off the Weight Watchers menu? Or of people suggesting that they only shop in the vegetable aisle at the supermarket? As Juke said, it isn't likely that anyone would randomly ask a fat person what happened because the most common cause is ever so obvious, but has no one here ever asked someone with a cast or crutches what happened to them? Ever seen anyone with a major bruise or stitches and inquired about that? What about a dent in someone's car? The person you ask may be physically fit, but there's a good chance that whoever else was in the car could have been injured in the accident and then you may be bringing up painful memories for the owner you are talking to. Maybe Betheny would never ask anyone a question like this, but I've seen it happen often enough to know that it is quite common. And I've never heard anyone claim that it is stupid or even rude to ask about the cast on somebody's arm.

    Let em do a search on the internet for different causes of Paralysis if they are that curious, but then again if they are so stupid to ask such a question they are probabley too stupid to know how to operate a computer.
    I really wonder why you are so angry, but I suppose it would be rude of me to ask why.


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    Only once since the accident

    A lady at KMart (employee) kept talking only to me while my husband sat next to me checking out. She kept on and on about how "he gets around really well" and "does he take care of himself" and finally "I used to take care of people like that". I took some deep breaths and said "LIKE THAT? You mean in a wheelchair. IT's just his legs that don't work. You can even talk to him, he'll talk back." Wow, I generally view these people as having a different kind of disability. This one got to me.

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