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Thread: Rehab Time

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    Rehab Time

    Adis post have got me curious.

    How long was your Rehab... Definately add lvl of break, as that does affect time in. Time DOES NOT include Acute hospital time

    Or.. As i'm not creative... Someone make a poll.. or give me some options.

    Me... C5, Ont. Cdn.. 6 months, but stayed 8 due to some gains, but really cause I had no place to stay.

    Did 2hrs PT, 1hr OT, with a few visits to the a Very lovely Shrink.


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    6 wks at hospital-6 wks at rehab-4 mos nursing home-then home

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    Can I just point out we didn't all have breaks.

    Ok, me: they said it was T1 complete level, but I'm convinced I'm T4 complete.
    I did four months of rehab (out of 5 months total in the unit - one month being bedrest).
    4 months was a bit longer than other paras, but I had a few problems like low blood pressure (that held back starting physio) and cathing problems. I also proved to be quite hideous at transfers, which held me up.
    Weekdays it was, I dunno, 3 hours of physio per day total. Spoke to a psychologist who worked at the unit sometimes.
    Did stuff with OT, like learning how to dress myself, getting in a car, kitchen stuff once. Didn't see the OT a huge amount, but it was enough for my needs.

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    I THINK it was 7 weeks. I had no other injuries beyond split lip, broken nose. I did get there w/ small pressure sore, from the week in ICU and 2 days in hospital ward, waiting for spot @ rehab.

    What I'm trying to say is I didn't have other conditions slowing me down or wasting my time like many of you.

    I was also given 2 weeks after my C-collar came off.

    C5-6 inc...Not that you could tell I was incomplete at that point.

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    I had about 8 weeks of rehab. Was told I'd never be able to do much for myself so why waste time in rehab.
    I'm C6 complete.
    Phil C6
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    Quote Originally Posted by AO
    I had about 8 weeks of rehab. Was told I'd never be able to do much for myself so why waste time in rehab.
    I'm C6 complete.
    can you transfer ,cath alone?
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    I was in rehab for 5.5 months. I spent the first week and a half in bed with pneumonia. I was discharged unable to dress myself, cath or transfer independently. I also had about 2-3 months home therapy a few times a week but that was a joke.

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    Sorry Keps.... I used break as we all know where the injury is, and where the functional injury is different. Aswell as many incompletes start out as complete, so I shoulda said initial injury... Or did I spell break wrong?

    Adi... who cares.... Wheres your answer?? This is my thread!!!

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    C4 complete 6 months acute care 6 months in rehab in Vancouver 1978

    Current rehab stays are 3 months despite being shipped to rehab 3 months post injury

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    I spent 3 weeks in hospital and 3 weeks in Rehab, then 5 more months in that damn clamshell brace. my rehab was a waste of time, they wouldnt let me do much because of the fusion. learned more from the guy that helped out than any therapist. he was same level as me, but in chair for 25 years. im t-6 complete

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