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Thread: Whose A** Would you like to kick

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    Whose A** Would you like to kick

    Ok I was thinking the other day when I finally get out of this chair whose ass I would like to kick first and for me that would be the mortgage banker who cancelled my home loan after my accident. Here I was with a SCI three days before closing on my new home and this person told my wife that he was sorry but the bank considered me a bad risk due to my injury and the fact that the house was not wheelchair friendly I would never work again yada yada. Well when my wife told me this I was not happy to say the least. So when I do finally get out of my chair I am going to find this guy and kick his ass so hard he will have to part his hair to shi*.

    Whose ass would you like to kick I await your replies

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    All the doctors that said I was faking my disability or that it was all psychological. if I want to fake not being able to walk, have bathroom issues, have painful spasms, etc. Right...that makes sense.
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    Orthos who never dealt with my spine, and doctors who for years said I couldn't have pain and never tried to treat it.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    My own for putting myself in this chair to being with.

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    just one ass?

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    I won't use any names for obvious reasons but I'd like to kill the guy who supervises the IHSS (In Home Supportive Services) workers. He stalled my application for help six years ago for three and a half months and then, when I was in the emergency room of our local hospital being evaluated mentally and physically because of the state of my house, arranged for two of his 'pet' workers to come get my place ready for an inspection I had to pass for continued housing assistance. Then, when his mentally ill worker stole hundreds of bucks of my stuff to "teach me a lesson", he denied any culpability on her part - even though her partner was unwilling to lie about it.

    I guess I could settle for kicking his ass but he'd have to be hospitalized for a long time when I got finished.
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    Fuente's! and i have no need to wait till im out of the chair,Shaun dont 'kick'!
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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    Senator Tom Coburn, R-OK
    Are you voting today?
    Say what you mean and mean what you say because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.

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    i'd kick this girl's ass that egged my car 2x and bullied me in highschool...i dont hold grudges or anything, but in highschool i was very passive and wouldn't stick up for myself just to avoid confrontation. After my sci i decided not to put up with anyone's shit anymore, so I will speak up when i'm being screwed with. If I could, I'd give her a swift roundhouse kick to the face!
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