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Thread: Exoskeleton for para

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    Like I said, I went to visit the prototype of the Rewalk. From what I understood, they've only done one round of trials so far (6 people). They still have kinks in the comp program and the mechanics of the 4 motors (one on each hip and knee). In principle, the suit has to be specifically fitted to each person so there won't be a need for pressure sensors. There is a sensor that senses what position your upper body is in and then the bottom half moves accordingly (i.e. if you're leaning forward, it moves your leg).

    The guy in the video has been practicing for one year with the Rewalk. People who are just starting need to use a walker.

    Re: the parameters: it would be custom made to fit the user but as of now they only have one prototype. They are waiting for approval from the Ministry of Health.

    Unfortunately, I'm not eligible b/c I'm a quad but if you want more info, I'll try to find out as much as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimin
    Unfortunately, I'm not eligible b/c I'm a quad but if you want more info, I'll try to find out as much as possible.
    The trials are limited to "chronic (at least 6 months after injury) complete cervical(C7-8) or thoracic (T1-T12) spinal cord injury" so some quads would be included. You might not be eligible for the trial but it looks like you might be eligible for the final product. Interesting, they only have a single prototype shared amongst six people. That explains the strict weight/height requirements for the trial. I can imagine the thing requires a lot of practice. Here's hoping it available in 2009!

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    There may be a lot more to this product than you realise. The longer we avoid bad posture the more the muscles and nerves have a chance to respond.

    The video on youtube is worth watching.
    Find us on Facebook using inclined bed therapy as a search term.

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    Can't upload update on rewalk in PA.. I tried end of august 2009 Alyssea @ Moss can someone help?

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    I think we just need bionic limbs that have direct interfaces to the brain. Kind of like those movies like IROBOT where Will Smith has an artificial arm with SuperHuman strength.

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    getting yourself ready is the right thing 2 do.
    moss rehab, again alyssea.

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    We do have some bionic limbs that are available clinically. Check out the myomo for elbow assistance (I have these and they are really work well). I look forward to trying them out with SCI. Scroll down when you get to my website and you can see a video on it and how it works.

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    I am new to this site.. but would love to hear more. My daughter is 4 + years out of a hit and run sci and tbi combined. It took her two years to come out of her coma, learn to read, talk, eat and breath. She fractured C1 T3-T8. She has ataxia, and cannot feel anything or move below her sternum. She continues to amaze me and I can see her in this kind of suit. She has worked out her upper extremeties and can support her body in (RGO's) long leg braces and a walker. That kind of ambulation is much more difficult than one in which legs are able to be flexed! I believe this could be a way to stay as flexible and healthy as possible, while waiting for the ever elusive cure. I have written to the Moss facility several times but have had no reply.

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