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Thread: Exoskeleton for para

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    Exoskeleton for para

    still waiting on my exosuit. but i'm not worried it'll be here before "the cure" which seems to be coming along nicely.

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    He's not a quad like the gizmodo blurb says. From the source site:

    ReWalk comprises a light wearable brace support suit which integrates DC motors at the joint, rechargeable batteries, an array of sensors and a computer-based control system. It fits the body snugly to detect upper body movements, which are used to initiate and maintain the walking process. Wearers also use crutches for stability and safety.

    ReWalk is undergoing clinical trials in Israel at the Rehabilitation Hospital at Chaim Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer, with pilots planned for rehab centers in Holland and Italy. A US trial is scheduled to begin in November at the Moss Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, after which Argo will apply for FDA regulatory approval.

    Argo's demo video features team member Radi Kioff, a 40-year-old Druze Israeli citizen who was shot in the back while serving in the Israel Defense Forces during the first Lebanon War. Ironically, the man who devised the system that allows Kioff to walk cannot benefit from his own invention. A quadriplegic, Amit Goffer has only partial use of his hands, but not enough to operate the ReWalk.

    Very cool technology nonetheless. We'll have to keep an eye on it.

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    OK, so the showed it everywhere, except one place, and I know everybody is thinking it: What about in bed?
    I guess the SO better pray that those batteries die quick, 'cause it will be one loooong night!

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    There is probably a future for those devices but in their actual state, talk about living a sloooow life. I could not do half of what I am doing in a day if I needed to use such a thing.
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    This has to be a viable option for a lot of us. We need any help available in any form. It might be slower going down hill, but sure faster going up hill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knowthill
    It might be slower going down hill, but sure faster going up hill.
    Or up stair. Seriously, this guy was getting around. The video didn't show him getting into or out of the vehicle. I'd like to see how that was accomplished. But I'd trade in chair for slow any day.

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    I'd trade too, in a heartbeat, like a Chevy.


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    I noticed this guy has very good dorsiflexion in his ankles. His feet don't drop at all. If that were me, my left foot would be dragging my toes on the ground. Is there some mechanism built in to prevent this?
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    aw thats sweet!

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    it seems pretty basic. wrist unit with 5 function modes. i'm guessing sit to stand, stand to sit, up stairs, down stairs, and walk. looks like it has trunk support. no idea on what the back unit does, maybe holds computing software and batteries. canes still needed for stability. i think it has an ankle orthotic for foot drop slow and short gait. if you check the older videos from rewalk the gait is even chunkier.

    i agree it needs upgrades. better servos, pressure sensors, gyroscopic stabilizers, better batteries, gait software rewrite, weather/water proofing. maybe throw in an FES unit so you can eventually ditch the suit.

    and its ugly, at least military versions are brutal terminator looking.

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