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Thread: incomplete/asia A

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    incomplete/asia A

    Hi, please help me understand. They said T10 contusion, incomplete. Didn't know about asia, I asked a few days ago, they said Asia A. I read article says asia A is complete. Dr.'s driving me crazy. All are completely negative. In fact, Physiatrist literall said " if you have the money to waste going over sees, go for it, I've had 2 pt's go that had no result. He said, also, there is no pill, surgey or exercise that can help or changge things, only time will tell what will happen. Yes, I am serious, and sure of what he said. So, I look to the support here.
    Asaia A, but he can feel pressure sometimes, but not a scratch. he can "push" when cathing to empty bladder, same as bowel, can push, just can't feel. can move hips back and forth, mostly with trunk. can adduct and abduct legs from hip/trunk strength. so is this complete, or incomplete, asia A?

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    Who said incomplete initially?

    Does he have normal feeling at his anus? Without that, he cannot be considered anything but an ASIA A (complete) injury right now, but that does not mean he will remain that way. Still too early to say.

    The reality of what the physician told you about cure right now is there. Unfortunately, there is no treatment that can cause return to occur. The best we can do now is to work as hard as possible to maximize what he has, and what does come back, and stay as healthy as possible so he is a candidate for the cure when it is a reality.


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    thanks SCI nurse, thats exactly what I picked up from reading on this site. To keep him "ready". around here they act like his legs are just gone, and to just accept it. I wont accept it, and I believe that keeping my son working hard and keeping hope at the age of 11, gives him much knowledge and drive to keep him focused rather than room for despair, devastation, and depression. Do you agree?

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    But, you say there is nothing to bring return back. I'm confused. What about the claims with programs like project walk, etc.? I get mixed messages or I'm just reading and interpreting things very wrongly. Why are people spending Thousands $$$$ just to be ready?

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    Hi MissRhonda....first........breathe....slowly.... You are exactly where I was when I first came out of the hospital. The frustrations, anger at what is told you, the denying of the "facts", are all to familiar to me, and LOTS of others here have experienced. As Nurse said its early. That said, this I hope can help you see things better.

    I am T 7/8 inc. I am mobile, but it aint pretty to watch, and its hard to do. I got a good amount of return back, but not everything is great. Still have the b&b issues, and need AFO's and a knee brace to keep me upright. What PT did is, it helped me maximize my return. Also, with the stronger muscles from PT, I was able to do tasks that slowly awakened other muscles(trunk area) that are s-l-o-w-l-y getting stronger. Its been 3 1/2 yrs for me. I still try for "recovery". Im near 48, so time is beginning to be against me. Your man is young, and he needs to do as much as he can bear to see where he is. And try to push further with exercises. You both are determined to get better,and that is very healthy, but dont let it obsess you. Have fun, and be a positive influence around him. That will help tremendously. The negativity is hard on both the mind and the heart. Positives will produce smiles, and sometimes a small miracle. Keep us up to date, very interested in how ya'll do...Take care

    PS---I hope this is some value to you...God Bless

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    No one here has said that you (or he) must "accept" the injury. I don't think anyone ever really does that. We can expect though that people deal with it, and move on with their lives instead of spending all their time or money seeking a cure that does not exist yet. Life can pass you (and your son) by if you are only spending your energy on that.

    You must keep in mind that much of the talk on this site about intensive post-rehab exercise programs is done by people who work in such programs and who are using our site to market these programs. Most are not run by health care professionals with SCI specific training, licensure or certification. There is little or no rigorous research done at these programs, and their websites and marketing materials are full of anecdotal stories about all the people that they made better. Of course they select who they feature, and they are not going to talk about those who spent a lot of money and got little benefit.

    There is no way for them to prove that the people they helped are the majority of their clients, or that the return seen was not spontaneous recovery that might have occured anyway over the first 2-5 years post-injury. Maximizing the return that occurs naturally for some (but not all) is what these programs do. They don't cause the return. I have yet to see anyone with a truely complete injury who got return because they went to such a program. Yes, they may have more function (although not always) but that is due to working hard on the return they have.

    I have also seen people come out of their programs much more dependent than what we would expect because they did these programs [u]instead[u] of a traditional rehab program (not in addition) because they did not have access to the full range of SCI expert clinicians from all disciplines (PT, OT, rehab nursing, physiatrists, etc.etc.) at the intensive exercise programs, and I have seen people who were actually injured in these programs.


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    thank you so much, KLD, for your knowledgable advice and information. It is a blessing to have found this site. sincerely

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    I've known "therapists" and doctors alike who aren't worth the paper their title is printed on too, should I not go to the doctor? Nurses that where long burned out from thier jobs, are they all bad?

    Sure, you might get some token returns sitting doing nothing or shuffling around at PT where they know so much. It's written all over this site the physiological benefits of an "intensive" full-body program. I certainly am not letting life pass me by but at the same time have spent a dollar or two and some time working to improve my condition.

    Said SCI workout centers are not all charlatans. Everyone I workout with have made gains relative to thier injury. Not everyone walks again but that isn't the claim.

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    I going back you alpentalic. For me, PW Portland was a good experience. Never once did I ever feel that I was doing anything that would harm me. It felt good to do a whole body workout. I was very active so to "workout" again felt normal. I could not get and still can't get anyone to even want to see if there has been changes. Yes I have brought them up to docs., PT's, etc. They look at me with a puzzled look and then brush it off. As soon as they see the "complete" label on my injury, they change their attitude to let's learn to live in the chair and not focus on changes. I do not have access to a lot of what the SCI nurse was talking about. I live 2-3 hours away from any facility that has any SCI rehab. experience.

    So yes, I do seek out other options. I want to try to regain as much as I can. I know that I will need medical intervention to walk like I did before but if I am in the shape I was before, I feel the treatment will be more effective. You need to check out these facilities, call them, write them, visit them, ask us about them just don't lump them all as not worth looking into.

    Okay-done with my two cents

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