Hi, please help me understand. They said T10 contusion, incomplete. Didn't know about asia, I asked a few days ago, they said Asia A. I read article says asia A is complete. Dr.'s driving me crazy. All are completely negative. In fact, Physiatrist literall said " if you have the money to waste going over sees, go for it, I've had 2 pt's go that had no result. He said, also, there is no pill, surgey or exercise that can help or changge things, only time will tell what will happen. Yes, I am serious, and sure of what he said. So, I look to the support here.
Asaia A, but he can feel pressure sometimes, but not a scratch. he can "push" when cathing to empty bladder, same as bowel, can push, just can't feel. can move hips back and forth, mostly with trunk. can adduct and abduct legs from hip/trunk strength. so is this complete, or incomplete, asia A?