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Thread: Figuring out complete morning independence as a quad

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    Figuring out complete morning independence as a quad

    I am pretty independent during the day. But I have help every other morning for shower and bowel routine. I eat breakfastm stretch, bowel program on shower chair over toilet (supossitory), go shower, get back in bed to get dressed and get up. Whole thing takes a little under 2 hours, I guess pretty standard.

    I really want to be able to do this if I need to/want to every once in awhile. I'm feeling tied down to this routine as I'm sure everyone does that needs assistance. I really think I can do it but I haven't even tried some stuff.

    The stuff I can do, or already do:
    Eat breakfast
    Stretch (just not as good as with help)
    Get around in shower chair
    Wash myself
    Transfer from everyday chair to bed and vice versa
    Get dressed/undressed

    The stuff I haven't tried/can't do:
    Insert suppository
    Get onto shower chair from bed or chair
    Get onto bed from shower chair while wet

    I need one of those tools for the suppository obviously. The main part that worries me is figuring out getting on and off the shower chair and how I position it with my bed, etc. Right now my aide takes away my everyday chair and brings over my shower chair. I also use lotion on a transfer board to get on and off the chair to slide.

    What do you quads do and what do you feel is the easiest way? First I'd like to be able to do it at my house, the ultimate would be able to do it at a friends or something, where I would have some help, but just not TOO much help, if you know what I mean. I'm only willing to ask my friends to do so much haha.
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    I've known people with your level of injury to be able to be independent in all of the things that you are looking to do. Each one figured out a way to do it. I will also tell you that it took them a lot longer to do it in the beginning, than later on. Is there anyway you could have someone set things in place or closer to you the night before? I would also start working on the transfers while someone is there. Please be safe!!
    Try one thing at a time and see if you begin to feel more comfortable with the different ways of doing things.
    You might want to see if any rehab setting has a community re-entry program. If they do, sometimes, they have OT's and PT's who have worked out in the community so know different ways to do things.

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    I could definitely have someone help me set up night before to start, even have someone there while I do it to keep an eye on me. What kind of tools for suppository's do some of you find to work best?
    C5/6- Workin' on Recovery

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    if you do a search you'll find quite a few threads on this subject w/ lots of good tips. the problem is you'll have to sift thru some junk, but it's worth it...

    this one is from the past week or so:

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    also, at c5/6 it's definitely possible but will take a lot of work. and if you're an incomplete injury or have any function below c5/6 then you're gonna be independent for sure... as long as you are committed and don't have other issues preventing transfers.

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    Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.

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