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Thread: is it difficult to find PCAs in a small town?

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    is it difficult to find PCAs in a small town?

    would a town of 15k ppl be a hard place to find PCAs? i'm moving soon, & one place i'm thinking of is small like that. i currently live in a town of 125k ppl, & have trouble finding good caregivers that are interested in staying long-term. so many no-show the interview, & even when i hire someone, there have been a lot of problems over the years. BUT, i've also had quite a few wonderful ones, too. they're just very hard to find.

    the small town is very nice, low crime, above average income, etc. the opposite is true for the big town i'm in, so i'm sure that plays in. thoughts?
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    hate to say it but it always comes down to $. Many small towns are small because there are not a lot of economic opportunities (unfortunately in California small is probably because its exclusive and expensive). If you're capable of paying a big city rate in a small town you might be surprised at the pool of applicants. I would call up some of the agencies in the area and see what they pay. Also, you can skim the local newspaper classifieds for an idea of what unskilled labor is going for.

    I just started reading: "Caregivers and Personal Assistants: How to Find, Hire and Manage the People Who Help You (Or Your Loved One!)" By: Alfred H. Degraff. it looks good. If you're planning a big move it might be worth reviewing your whole system of hiring and interacting with pca's.
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    I live in a small town and it really depends on what you're looking for. If you need them for a lot of hours every day than most of the time it's not much trouble to find someone. Finding someone that will stay long term is always an issue. Most around here just jump around to the next best thing whenever it comes along but there are some who care.

    If you are like me and only need them for a couple of hours every day or every other day then it becomes much more difficult to find someone in my area. With gas prices, etc. money becomes a big issue for most of them. So based on my experience it comes down to what you need, the money and what you're looking for. If you have an idea of where you wanting to move I would go ahead and start putting out feelers in that area to see what you can find. Start ahead of time and hopefully you will not be surprised.

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    yeah, that's my problem, i don't need many hours -- just a few in the morning & 1.5 at night. there are big towns nearby, one 8 miles north has 65k pop, & one 10 miles south has 180k pop. but ppl don't want to drive out of town for a job that pays $12/hr & only has a few hrs per day.


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    Often in a small town your pool of workers is smaller, but keep in mind that there are also fewer opportunities in a small town. The pool of potential PCAs you are trying to attract would probably be those who already have another job (that pays benefits ideally) and are looking for a few extra hours to put a few more dollars in their pocket. They may be interested in cash only (under the table) arrangements if you are private paying. The other potential pool is homemakers who can arrange their schedule around yours, but cannot manage a full time job because of childcare or home responsibilities.

    In small towns, church bulletins can be a great resource for finding those who might be interested, or who know someone who might be interested.

    Just a few ideas from some of my clients.


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    I've lived in a small town, about 12k, most of my life and require round the clock care, 16 hours usually from nursing. They can be very hard to find, but can be pretty loyal. Word of mouth is great, and sometimes the best answer for finding people.
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