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Thread: Question about Start-Up USA see website->

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    Question Question about Start-Up USA see website->

    Has any one participated in a Start-Up USA program in NY, FL, or AK? I was in a SSA Committee Hearing and there were some people whom were very progressive about expanding the program.

    I do not know much about the Program but the proponents were advocating the use of self employment as a Work Incentive to return back to the work force. Here in the Washington DC area there are loads of abled bodied people who do contracting for the federal Government. For the disabled Federal Government has requirements known as JWOD that gives contractors prefered status in contract consideration.

    Is there any one here in the boards that has:

    1) Been a JWOD contractor or employee of a JWOD company?

    2) Has any one utilized the Start-Up USA program?

    3) Any feed back would also be appreciated

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    If you are a disabled veteran you have a good chance of doing contract work for the federal government. However, if you are simply "disabled" I'm not sure if you would qualify under the program for non-competetive bids on contract jobs.

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