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    I'm almost 2 years post injury, I'm an incomplete c 5/6. I've been wanting to get back to work now for a little while and have been going on informational interviews to get a sense of things. From what I've been able to gather so far organizations which are taking a very theoretical approach to hiring people with disabilities. Government bodies local, provincal and federal will hold career fairs, workshops on job searching skills, but none of them actually hire people with disabilities. Or so it seems.
    This has left me wondering what to do next? Where to find organizations that actually implement all the talk about a diversified work place.
    I don't want to give the wrong impression, I don't expect to get a job because I'm a quad, I am looking for a chance to prove myself.
    I still do have the chance of going back to school, I have a BA and I know I'm not without some options. I'm just not sure what to do next or how best to proceed.

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    What is your BA in? What types of jobs interest you? Is there a Rehab Services agency that could help you?

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    my ba is in political science. their is rehab agencies that help with resume building but not getting in touch with potencial employers. thanks for responding, any more advice would be great

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