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    Beach Wheel Chair

    I know there has been posts here before, but I couldn't find them. We're back at PJW in Carlsbad for August and I want to see about renting a WC that we can use on the beach. Didn't get much beach time when we were down in the spring, but really hoping to get some time in this trip.

    Any leads would be greatly appreciatted!


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    Here is a listing of beaches in San Diego county where you can check out a beach wheelchair for free (check at the lifeguard station at each beach):


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    Excellent, saved it so I can find it when I get there.

    Thank you.
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    Depending on the sand, and whether or not he wants to get in the water, or just roll on the beach, you may be able to stay in your own chair. I have found the beach wheelchairs hard to transfer onto and you can;t self propel them. But they are great if you want to get in the water, and the big tires are better for soft sand, which I can;t roll through myself anyhow.

    Last weekend, I just took my own chair on the beach, and except for a short stretch of very soft sand, where my husband basically dragged me across, I was able to roll on it. The tide was out, and the beach I was had very hard packed sand below the high tide line.

    I have a pair of outdoor tires on it right now, (These from sportaid). And I think you posted elsewhere that you have Pat's freewheel as well. (Drool! .... something I hope to do as soon as I have the spare cash.)

    Since the beach chairs are available anyway .... certainly give them a try, especially if he plans to swim.

    (ps there are pics of the sand in a thread I posted in Members Pics)
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    Try these guys, I don't know if they offer them for rent or not but you can check with Chris. They are located around the Oceanside/Carlsbad area.

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