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Thread: Anyone tried - VITAL STIM EMS 4000

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    Anyone tried - VITAL STIM EMS 4000


    I'm looking into ESTIM devices, what do you use?
    how do you like it?
    Good links?

    Has any one tried the VITAL STIM EMS 4000?

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    Has anyone seen these advertised on TV?:
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    Claims of "1,500 sit-ups an hour" or "rippling muscles" from EMS are ludicrous, and no EMS device could dramatically flatten a stomach or speed weight loss, he says. A person needs to burn calories to lose weight, and it's not possible to burn significant calories through contractions alone. "You'd have to do thousands of actual sit-ups to lose any weight," adds Wayne Miller, an exercise physiologist at George Washington University. "Anyone who can do that many sit-ups probably doesn't need to."

    That's all I can say..

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    Its a good product if you are looking to aid in sore muscle after an intense workout. I use it sometimes after I do an intense weightlifting workout. I think it helps reduce the soreness, but I don't feel it actually replaces the good old fashioned weightlifting workout.

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    Yes, I have a machine that is the exact same one as you ask about. I am a C4 five quadriplegic of long duration.

    I use the machine to exercise certain muscles that I do not have control over life triceps, wrist, etc.

    I also use the machine to stimulate my abdominal muscles and my back muscles. I would like to note an improvement to my bowel routine when I use it on my back around the T- 9 vertebrate level.

    I have owned mine for about 10 years and it was worth every penny since it doubles as an exerciser and a muscule stimulator.

    One aside, the contour as advertised on TV is pretty much a piece of crap and not worth five bucks, IMHO.

    Future Walker

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    I'm looking into ESTIM devices, what do you use?


    I'm looking into ESTIM devices, what do you use?
    how do you like it?
    Good links?

    Has any one tried the VITAL STIM EMS 4000?[/QUOT


    I've been using stimulators 37 years, And use the vital stim EMS 4000. it's an oldie but a goodie, very powerful. Just wish there was a way to stop the rest time from coming on and stay nonstop Stim. Much better for how I'm doing it. Can't use above 4, Due to the High power, don't know why those numbers Above the four are even there. I used two large 18 x 24 pads which I lay on with the one charge and a single Four-inch pad for the other charge which is moved around the entire body. The large grounded pads allow the electricity to change course without changing the position of the pads. C-4 quad, nearly identical to Christopher Reeve injury except 18 years before him. Still no phlebitis, or skin breakdown. There is a contact me section on my website, and I can give you more details if you are interested.
    Toodles, Fred

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