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Thread: Welcome to the Caregiving Forum

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    Welcome to the Caregiving Forum

    This forum is meant for people to discuss caregiving issues. Please post here your problems, feelings, solutions, and triumphs. While the care forum is good for medical and other care issues, there has not been a good place for people to discuss caregiving problems which include a large variety of social, economic, and other problems that are faced by people, families, and professionals.

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    Texas hallelujah!


    Dr. Young, thanks for once again being so responsive to your "flock". We appreciate you more than you know!


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    Since I discovered this forum I've been learning a lot about my recent (6 months) SCI.
    I've beeen reading about you Dr. Young and I'm just writing to reinforce what Martha already said.

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    Dr. Young thanks for the new forum.

    Paul Nussbaum AKA PN

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    Marmalady and Tag have agreed to be co-moderators of this forum. One is a mother and the other is a wife, bringing two perspectives to caregiving. Wise.

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