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Thread: New C-4 Compete (Brother)

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    His injury may indeed be incomplete. Accurate visceral (organ) sensation can remain intact. You can also have neuropathic visceral pain that does not mean anything. Time to ask if they have rechecked his least repeat the anal sensory part of the exam.

    It sounds like he was taken off the vent too quickly. Weaning usually takes longer, and if not done right, he can fatigue. Shephard will know how to do this right, giving him periodic rests with CPAP at first will help.

    Have you learned how to do an assisted (quad) cough with him yet?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Thad
    I think the sores (because there were two), was from him pooping his pants and not being cleaned soon enough. His bowel issues were from diarrhea, that they were attributing to a stomach virus. My brother didn't want to go into the gym because of embarrassment.
    I will be flying to Atlanta to meet my brother next week. My sister actually changed her life around to be with my brother.
    My mom got an apartment five minutes from Shepherd one week before his injury. Can you believe that??

    Thank You everbody....and I will ask those questions betheny
    Bowel issues are so hard to get under control at first for some. I understand too well his fears of going to the gym. Is he on the SCI unit at Shepherd on the second floor? We were just there 2 weeks ago for my fiance's follow up appointment. The therapists are wonderful! Really- our whole experience there was wonderful. Everyone from security to nurses to therapists to doctors were GREAT! I too had an apartment down the road from there. The nurses let me stay in the room with my fiance at night though so I only went to the apartment to shower after I had showered him, fed him and got him off to therapy. He couldn't be in better hands in my opinion (not that my opinion counts). I wish you and your family the best- and your brother a great recovery.

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    I think Spinal Shock is just part of the healing process. I also believe that CNS will start to compensate as well. I do believe that nerves will try to connect with surrounding nerves that are not damaged and also the brain will adjust somewhat to the signals. I think all of that takes a long time to happen. I am not expert but I have had slow returns. I mean I have not had leaps and bounds but very gradually I have gotten better and better.

    So Keep the faith and dont believe that this is as good as your brother is going to get. There is no doctor that can say that definitively.

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    Only w/ SCI do grown ppl have to crap themselves and go right back and hit it again. We should do a poll. Wish I didn't know what he's talking about.

    Capn Thad, there's a book called Moving Violations: Wheelchairs, War Zones and Declarations of Independence by John Hockenberry. Reading that in rehab saved my sanity. That's how I learned that is why the workout mats are vinyl. Hockenberry is a world-famous TV journalist (and paraplegic), and he shit in the gym too.

    Part of the job. It sucks.

    I had a favorite OT in rehab, Rafferty. They were making me learn to get in and out of the shower. I was naked, using every muscle in my body to haul myself across that bench...and left a big long poo streak behind me. In front of Raff! Didn't feel it coming or anything.

    I wanted to DIE. Plus they wouldn't let me get in the pool for 2 weeks after a "bowel accident".

    Man rehab is tough. Life after rehab is tough too. This sci stuff ain't for pansies. But we've all done it, and went back to the gym, and eventually learned to cope.

    To this day, though, any day I shit myself is a bad day indeed.

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    Not getting any better

    Well, my brother is still on the vent, but he is on CPAP breathing and refuses to use the portable vent. The doctors at Shepherd have said that they have never experienced anxiety to this level in any patient, and they admit that they are learning with my brother. My brother had bad panic attacks and was using LExipro before the accident.They have broken their own protocol and decided to completely wean him with the big vent, but he will be confined to his room and the gym. He can't go outside with the big vent. When he first got to Shepherd, there was electrical responses with his biseps, but not now. They have found 2 strains of bacteria in his lungs, one is MRSA and we're waiting on the culture of the other, and he has a urinary trac infection. I mean, what else can possible go wrong? He does get in a chair during the day and rehab is mostly concentrate on him using his neck, but they do work with the arms. They already gave him a discharge date of Sept.17th.

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    I'll pray for Wade to have faith and help them help him.
    I feel your pain. May God be with both of you. {hugs}

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels
    I'll pray for Wade to have faith and help them help him.
    I feel your pain. May God be with both of you. {hugs}
    Thank You.

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    If your brother was a descent and kind person before his injury, then I wish the best for him. That's all I can say for right now.

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    I hope you can convince him to use the portable vent. He is wasting rehab time that is dwindling away fast and is very unlikely to be funded for more time or for another admission. It is not fun being on a vent, but the portable vent will give him the freedom to both participate in the program, and to go home instead of to a nursing home if he should not be weanable. It is a hard nut to crack. Keep after it.


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    I know. They put him on the portable vent and he tried, tears were coming down his face, and he said he could not breath. He goes into a panic attack and passes out, even with good oxygen levels, and everything falls to crap.They say it's in his head. He's on anti-depressants and pain medication, there is nothing else they can do, but they are trying. We are supporting him and letting him know that he can breath on his own, but he just doesn't believe it...definitely not on the portable vent.

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