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    Good Evening,
    Today I just joined this site. I'm 8months post injury. On Nov. 24th I was injured in a MVA. I'm C5/6 Asia B. I recently finished inpatient therapy at Magee(Philadelphia). I made alot of improvements, my therapies called me "super quad". I still do outpatient but my insurance will be finished in aug. I have a trainer who comes 2/week. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with push to walk in nj? I have good upper movement except weak rt tricep or no rt finger movement. My bladder I can control w/o any problems. Does anyone have an suggestions on restoring motor function in my legs?I have good sensation but no lower body motor movement. Could push to walk help? I want to do the treadmill but Drs, Pts, all say I have to be Asia C, is this true? How much does FES bike help w/ function? I also just created a standing frame, my legs fell stronger but whatelse does this help?
    Sorry for all the questions but, once again I'm new. Any advice is great. TY.

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    Hi Sjerzquad! I don't have any information on the program you are asking about, but I wanted to welcome you to CC and let you know you have found a great place. Friendly people (mostly) and lots of good information!

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    Push to walk is great option, it is run by an excellent trainer and some good people. I believe "Divin Darren" who is on care cure quite often is one of the founders. I recommend contacting them directly to see what they can offer you. I recommend taking advantage of having them so close by, generally what makes these programs so expensive is the travel cost.

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