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Thread: About Carrying MRSA From Place to Place

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    About Carrying MRSA From Place to Place

    I've got a real dilemma. My mom, just diagnosed with lymphoma, has a bad MRSA infxn of her scalp. There's been surgery, 3 months hospitalization, PICC line for vanc at the nursing home where she lives, all in the past year. (She was felled by a stroke in '83, at the age of 48. Sigh.)

    Anyway, this MRSA is a bitch. I assume I already carry it, since Mom's deal, plus my roomie in rehab had it too.

    My Dad and stepmom live outside of the town where Mom's nursing home is. Stepmom Bev is now starting chemo for breast cancer, and Dad is ultra-frail from his battle with esophageal cancer. When I go to see my parents, I stay at Dad's. But I am terrified I'm going to carry Mom's MRSA to Dad's house.

    So far, I've quit taking my dog to KS, as he's a furry little germ conduit. When Jake and I leave the nursing home, we got to my sis-in-law's, shower, change clothes, wipe wheelchair down thoroughly with lysol. But SIL's house is inaccessible, her shower is a major pain for me.

    How much of all this is really necessary, to protect my Dad and stepmom? Is there something we could spray on ourselves, and on my chair, or even on my dog, that would kill the MRSA?

    I'd appreciate all advice. I've lost a LOT of sleep over this issue. None of us need another family member afflicted with this nightmare of a germ!

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    We don't allow the pet therapy dogs to interact at all with the MRSA patients here, so I can't really recommend that you have your dog visit both your mother and your father's or SIL's home.

    MRSA is killed pretty easily by alcohol based hand cleaner (which you can use anyplace on your body except mucous membranes) and also by disinfectants that contain bleach (which you can use on your chair and other objects). You can get wipes to do this. Don't use them on skin or anything you don't want stained by the bleach though.

    Good hand cleaning is most important. To get it from your chair, your SIL or father would have to touch your chair where it is heavily contaminated, and then put their hands in their mouths, wipe their noses, or contact their genitals. So not only should you clean well, but they should too...repeatedly, often and thoroughly. You can get pocket-sized vials of alcohol based hand cleaner, and also get vials that will hang on a belt or lanyard for easy use at any time.


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