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Thread: foley catheter came out......

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    foley catheter came out......

    this just happened to my husband and he is getting dressed to go to the emergency room. he had his foley catheter in with the bubble filled up and everything and he said after he transfered onto the bed he looked down and the foley was on the floor with the bubble still filled up. he must have caught it on something. has this ever happened to anyone? i'm scared for him. what would this do to his bladder, urethra, etc.?


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    loss of foley

    This situation has happened to me many times. I've had my share of trips to the local ER as well. Try taping leg bag tube on the inside of upper leg. Doing this will keep foley catheter in place. Ask SCI nurse as well.

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    Did he bleed a lot as well? Did you try to reinsert a new catheter?

    Bleeding can be a problem, but not everyone bleeds a lot. An ER visit is not needed unless there is uncontrolled bleeding.

    Securing the catheter with something like a StatLock Foley will help to prevent this from happening. We call it a "do-it-yourself sphincterotomy". It can cause scarring and strictures, esp. if it happens repeatedly. Always check and double check the location of catheter tubing before turns and transfers, and always have it secured to help prevent dislodgement.


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    this is the first time it has happened. he said he tried to put a regular catheter in and that's when he started bleeding alot.

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