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Thread: Anybody C4 C5 incompletes that didnt feel hot & cold got it back later?

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    Anybody C4 C5 incompletes that didnt feel hot & cold got it back later?

    anybody did or hear of anybody?

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    I'm 5/6. My sensation diminishes down my body - I can't tell temp from my legs down. I alternate hot/cold water in the shower every day as an exercise. Nearly 2 years post, I've developed a quarter-sized spot on my right foot that senses the cold water. I expect more will come of it.

    And yes, I've heard of others getting various temp. sensations back too.

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    I'm C5/6 incomplete.

    Mine improved after about 3 months and has continued to improve.

    It's better in my hands (almost normal) and feet, lower back and thighs not so good.
    C5/6 incomplete

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    I've been noticing lately that when aa fan blows on me, within a few minutes that area gets cold. Also if my cold waterbottle touches my leg or side, that spot goes cold.

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