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Thread: quadriplegic musicians?

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    Very nice crashbang.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    thank you, van quad, patrick and paramoto.

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    March 17 is St. Patrick's Day. patron saint of Ireland.
    Less well known is March 1, St. David's Day, for the patron saint of Wales.
    Here is a Welsh air, 'David of the White Rock', for St. David's Day:
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    My husband was a master guitar player before his accident (C6/7). He struggles with the loss of this part of his life as well. His left hand is mostly immobile. There is something called a "chord buddy" - google it. Its a piece that fits on the neck of the guitar and you just push one "button" to make a chord. It only has 4 chords that you can make (G,C,D,Em) . He can't really even push one of the buttons yet, but this way is much more attainable than the original way. He also experiments with a "slide" (you just slip it on one finger and move it up and down the neck)... He has now just taken to the Piano as well. Its great therapy for his hands and incorporates music at the same time. Just some food for thought

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    jacksons girl, your husband might consider trying a small tabletop harp for his hands.
    if you look at the clip i posted, you can see how i can use wrist extension to let my left hand fingers ( index finger mainly) fall on the correct string. the harp is a great therapy instrument for quads with some hand function because you can prop your elbows on either side and drop your fingers onto the strings. tuning it is a challenge, but once tuned it's hard to make it sound bad, it's fun to noodle around the strings. i played piano before my accident but afterward couldn't extend my LH fingers enough to hit the right keys.

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    Latest effort:
    Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
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    I have pretty good hands for a c7 and can still play some guitar. the problem with guitar is having to curl your wrist making any tenodesis useless. my fingers get tired after a few minutes. I got a native american flute recently... i would really recommend it for some quads that want to play music... its neat for anyone imo

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    Dang Crash, incredible stuff, love the jazz Foggy Day. It's been on my list to learn on the tenor uke. I love playing the uke from a chair, so much easier than a guitar.

    Speaking of ukes, I'm having a custom being done as we speak. gonna be really special and will post it when it's done in a couple of months. Body will be Milo in honor of the Hawaiian Natives and Bearclaw Spruce Top in honor of the Great Mother from my Native heritage.

    Way to go on the flute Max, I've made a lot of them and still do once in a while. Lots of dust but sue worth it when that first note is played. I'm playing a walnut in F lately when I sage in the mornings.

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    very cool harping there.

    how about trying dulcimer? both hammer dulcimer and lap dulcimer. you could, just fine. the hammers you can hold with Velcro, and a lap dulcimer would use a noter, which is a dowel to lay across the strings. you strum with a feather or your nails if you cant hold a pick. I can't keep ahold of a pick so I have them stuck to my instrument so I can grab another one when I flip the one im holding off into space, or I strum with a turkey feather. with a lap dulcimer there would be only four strings to tune, with hammer dulcimer, there are more strings than a harp has. same kind of idea on the string setup but it lays flat on a stand or table.

    I got an apple creek starter dulcimer for 65.00, and it is nice. I have a first act for the same price, and it is smaller but has lower tension, so that one is easier to play but the apple creek brand sounds fuller. I hope you try one.

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