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Thread: quadriplegic musicians?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurch
    thats fascinating ,I would love to see it played too.
    probably use a pick like normal and slide that metal thing up and down to change the tone.

    i thought about getting my old drum set and getting a drum machine on the computer to play the bass drum.

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    I am a para guitar player in bands that gig once in a while, we have been pretty busy lately with 5 gigs in less than two months which is quite a bit for us. As soon as I hit the dirt right after my motorcycle accident many things went through my mind. One was thanking God that I still had my hands and that I would still be able to play guitar. It has been the best therapy possible and cannot imagine my wheelchair bound life without music. I have posted several times about quads and guitars/basses, and one quad even posted some very competent recordings of his slide guitar playing. Vic Chesnut is a professional bass/guitar player. It depends greatly on your level, but it can be done.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    i'm interested in this thread about quad musicians and how they've adapted instruments
    and/or techniques in order to start or continue playing after sci limited their hand function.
    reading the recent thread here about paras playing the acoustic guitar spurred me to look today for
    video clips of other musicians with limited hand function.
    i'd like to encourage those quads who'd like to play music but have ruled it out
    because of injury to think about it again, because in my experience it can be a very rewarding pursuit
    and can even perhaps increase hand function, due to the attempted repetition of
    finger movements.

    even though the two men in the clips below don't have quad hands,
    they do have disabled hands and each found ways to accommodate their particular limits.
    here is the amazing gypsy jazz guitarist, django reinhardt, his left hand was severely burned
    and he developed a method of playing using his thumb and two fingers:

    john denner was born without a right hand and developed a way to play in spite of that,
    as the clip at bottom of his webpage shows:

    i'm not a guitarist myself, but i found this chording device online, am curious to know if it would
    be helpful for guitarists with left-hand limitations:

    i'd like to revive the discussion of quad musicmaking if anyone else is interested.

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    SpinaChord was a band started up by past mayor Sam Sullivan of Vancouver B.B. You may want to look up the adaptive usic society that's at teh G.F. Stronge Rehab center in Vancouver, B.C. Pretty good place for adaptive musical abilities.

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    I can play the hell out of a harmonica, and by that, I mean I make a lot of God-awful noise with it but it has a pretty good beat. I love to sing as well, but I can't seem to keep an audience. I guess my voice is just too beautiful for mere mortals to appreciate. At least that's how I see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    SpinaChord was a band started up by past mayor Sam Sullivan of Vancouver B.B. You may want to look up the adaptive usic society that's at teh G.F. Stronge Rehab center in Vancouver, B.C. Pretty good place for adaptive musical abilities.

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    Dang, they all look so young VQ. I miss those days. Wasn't Don Alder proclaimed the best guitarist in the World or something like that? I know he took som e bigtime competition.

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    This is going to be the first time I have ever really admitted I pretty much dont play my guitar anymore because of my Beckars MD, or is it that I perceive it's because my MD?.

    I kinda DID get bored with playing guitar once I started persuing my career as a designer, but I must admit I still dream of that perfect tone or busting off that huge arpeggio or scale I so used to love playing and the sheer joy of a wide open power chord played on my PRS through my 100w Marshall.

    I did build a guitar a few years back, thinking I'd begin the slow haul back to where the standard of my playing once was, but found my hands just dont seem to have the strength they once had, and for a shredder that is pretty important.

    I do wonder though, is that lack of strength more to do with not being proficient on the instrument anymore or is it indeed my MD affecting me?, who knows, maybe I just dont want to find out.

    Oh, please anyone who may respond after me please DON'T helpfully inform me that my MD does indeed affect me enough to affect my being able to play again.

    But to Chaz, hey look man if your music is still an itch that just wont go away for you and you still have that hunger for self made sound try everything from percussion to electronic (ie techno no, not idiotic techno I mean soulful electronica).

    I still cannot bring myself to sell my Axes, Marshall & pedal board, my wife thinks they are a royal pain in the ass but I think she realises how much that gear meant to me way before we even met and this idiotic condition was hardly even an issue.

    Oh have to mention my absolute heroes:

    Eddie Van Halen (EVH is the oyaban of axe slinging)
    Yngwie Malmsteen

    then "the old master"

    Tony Iommi
    David Gilmour
    Hendrix (of course you'd have be under a rock not to love hendrix as a musician especially)

    and the absolutely legendary

    Brian May of Queen (my personal fave)

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    Everplay slide guitar Wah? My hands are a little slow also and am thinking about bringing out the ole bottle neck to slide up and down on one of my old cheesecutters.

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    Oh yeah, thanks know I might give it a go, who's that guy, hmm, is it Ben Harper? that guy is damn good.

    Oh, hey what am I talking about, have you heard this Aussie guy Dave Hole? god he's good! I got him on my iphone doing a tribute to the great Hound Dog Taylor's Hawaiian Boogie. And he does a version of Blind Willy McTell's The Night Was Dark that will send shivers.

    You know Patrick, I might stop up the tremolo on my old strat copy & raise the strings and break out the old bottle neck, my marshall would be ideal for some slide!

    An idea...thanks Patrick!

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