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Thread: quadriplegic musicians?

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    quadriplegic musicians?

    I Was wondering if anyone has had any success or relative ease picking up an instrument post injury. I still have my old guitar and a djembe -- neither which has been that helpful for filling that side of me that wants to create. Quad hands aren't good for the guitar and I can't cup or flatten my hands enough to make the djembe alive.

    So I'm thinking of trading them in for a very, basic drum set up -- I mean very basic. Has anyone had experience putting together an adaptive set? I 've also messed around w/ beat boxes, but to be completely honest I really need to hit something -- something real -- something that will make some noise. Any thoughts?

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    I know a couple of musicians who took up the harmonica (mouth harp) who have very limited hand function. One plays in a jazz band, the other in a rock band (and he also sings).


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    Hey man I played guitar and sang for 15 years prior to getting hurt. Yes its impossible to play now, i go insane without that, so I dabbled on the harmonica like the nurse said which will come hand in hand when I can jam again. Was thinking of trying sum music software programs i tha meantime.
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    hey stormy-- I tinkered with a harp a little bit as well, but after a while I found myself out of breath -- just not my thing.
    I'm off to do some searching and I will write a few lines in a bit -- thanks for your thoughts.

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    Here's a guitar for a quad. No idea how you play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYCUE
    Here's a guitar for a quad. No idea how you play it.
    thats fascinating ,I would love to see it played too.

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    Have you tried getting a co-writer and just writing music?

    I know it is not the same but its a way to have music a part of your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYCUE
    Here's a guitar for a quad. No idea how you play it.
    Thats pretty sweet!

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    In Vancouver we have the Vancouver Adaptive Music Society as part of the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation. Here is a photo of Sam & my buddy Dave, both quadriplegic's jamming:

    The society's mission is to make music available to people with disabilities. Wish I had photos of the new studio.

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    thx 4 sharing! looks like fun.

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