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Dang Crash, incredible stuff, love the jazz Foggy Day. It's been on my list to learn on the tenor uke. I love playing the uke from a chair, so much easier than a guitar.

Speaking of ukes, I'm having a custom being done as we speak. gonna be really special and will post it when it's done in a couple of months. Body will be Milo in honor of the Hawaiian Natives and Bearclaw Spruce Top in honor of the Great Mother from my Native heritage.

Way to go on the flute Max, I've made a lot of them and still do once in a while. Lots of dust but sue worth it when that first note is played. I'm playing a walnut in F lately when I sage in the mornings.
you're having one made? oh how about that?
Im thinking of getting a kit and making one.
Iv wanted a mainland uke since I first tried one though. Mango wood.