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Thread: Transit Plus Wheelchair lifts, ramped vans and mini-vans, and ADA compliant vehicles

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    Transit Plus Wheelchair lifts, ramped vans and mini-vans, and ADA compliant vehicles

    We are interested in being added to your web site as a link. The Link can be titled similar to this.

    Transit Plus Inc. Wheelchair lifts and ramped vans and mini-vans and ADA compliant vehicles. Please contact Kevin Rissmiller at or visit our site at if a phone number can also be accommodated please list this toll free number 1-800-373-2143. You may also call that number if you have any questions regarding the link.

    For the simplest of links

    Transit Plus Inc. wheelchair vans


    Wheelchair vehicles

    Anything along these lines will be fine. One of the things we hear so often is how difficult it is for families to find these type of vehicles, so getting the information on how to find them where and when they need it most is critical and your help is greatly appreciated by those in crisis and in need.

    If your facility has a charitable foundation or a favorite charity you support, any vehicle sold that was referred by you can provide a donation ranging from $200.00 to $500.00 for each vehicle. Contact me for more details and information.

    Thank You,

    Kevin B. Rissmiller, Sr.
    Vans and Mini-vans for the physically challenged
    Area Sales- Personal Vehicles
    Account Executive
    Transit Plus
    58 West 9th Street
    Atlantic Beach FL 32233
    800-373-2143 or
    904-241-6004 EXT 34 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern)
    904-241-0507 FAX
    904-318-4234 cell (if after 5:00 PM Eastern)

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    Dr. Young,

    ever consider charging advertisers that want to promote their goods/services on this site?

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