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Thread: high blood pressure SCI nurse

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    high blood pressure SCI nurse

    Well I went for my check-up yesterday and my Dr has doubled my metaphorine for my blood sugar being high. But now she also gave me medicine for having high blood pressure, which I had No idea of having, been having headaches everyonce in a while again for the last 6 months or so. but put me on lespornil or something like that,

    Doesn't pain cause your BP to go up?? she's also the one who takes care of my pain meds.
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    If you're in pain somewhere---Ad. Rountine daily BP medicine won't help.
    If it's up without AD---you have high bp & need medicine.

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    Chronic pain doesn't necessarily make your blood pressure go up, or very little.
    She has probably noticed that it is up on visits & feels you need it. Research shows that if you keep blood pressure under 1390/80 you have less chance of heart attacks & strokes.


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    Thanks CWO ! I wasn't sure if it did or not. this getting old stuff along with SCI sure sucks!!

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