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Thread: 4th of July.. It was fun

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    4th of July.. It was fun

    Hi All,
    I have to share this with you. On fourth of July one of my friends came over and I found out he has never lit or done a firework. I live in a county where it is legal. Check out the video.. I am the one in the Red by the way next to him.


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    Haha, he tosses it.
    No, No!!!
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    829 least you didn't scare the bejazzus out of him the way a couple buddies of mine did when they poked a couple bottle rockets upside down into a beer bottle - it disintegrated rather unexpectedly (and spectacularly). You can be sure we didn't do that again!


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    I am telling you that is the fastest I moved in a long time. It was funny as he is 34 and has never shot a firework.

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