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Thread: California Stem Cell Research Panel Opposes Bill Making it Help Patients

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    California Stem Cell Research Panel Opposes Bill Making it Help Patients

    California Stem Cell Research Panel Opposes Bill Making it Help Patients

    by Steven Ertelt Editor
    July 9, 2008

    Sacramento, CA ( -- The California panel created by Proposition 71 was supposed to benefit patients across the state by allowing scientists access to funds for research for cures. However, the committee funding by the initiative is opposing a bill in the state legislature to make it do just that.

    The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has emailed its supporters a dire-sounding letter saying its existence is threatened by legislative efforts to keep it accountable.

    "We need you to take a few minutes to help save the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and embryonic stem cell research in California. This is under siege right now in the state legislature," the group claims.

    CIRM opposes Senate Bill 1565, which would require it to include in its intellectual property standards a requirement that each grantee and licensee submit for CIRM's approval a plan that will afford uninsured Californians access to any drug that is, in whole or in part, the result of research funded by the CIRM.


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    I am so confused right now. This article is telling me that what KarenM. posted in FLA wasn't really a need to contact? What is going on?

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    Check the Source

    Don't be confused by "News". Lifenews is a right wing pro life organization.
    This article is an editorial. Opinion. They are opposed to embryonic stem cell research and undoubtedly support this CA bill which is sponsored by Sen. Runner, an right wing conservative pro life politician who is also vehemently opposed to embryonic stem cell research.

    This is the right wings attempt to chip away at CIRM and CA State funding of ESC research. CIRM has been investigated and audited more than once. It has proven to be one of the most clean and efficient agencies. The right wing can't stand that state (tax payer's) money is being spend on ESC research. The CA voters overwhelmingly passed Prop. 71 to fund this program.

    The right wing needs to back-off and give scientists a chance to produce.

    WOW! This is out of character for me but I'm tired of sitting in this chair while politicians screw around with my best hope for improvement. Maybe Sen. Runner would like to put his arse in a wheelchair for a week and experience the hassles and inconveniences we live with daily. Throw in a couple BP's and a urodynamics test to round out the experience. I'd shake my fist at him but my fingers haven't moved in the last 24 years.

    I'm done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoJo

    I'm done.
    You've done good. Thanks for the anti-spin. It's nice to know what's really going on.

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    Thank you for helping me. I get it. Since I don't live in
    CA just wanted to know the facts. I appericate the response. Just wanted to make sure I didn't mess things up w/ my email.

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    Wesley J. Smith
    rule of thumb- when you see an article with this guy ranting in it, be skeptical
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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