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Thread: Accessible hotels in New York

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    Accessible hotels in New York

    I'm looking for accessible hotels in NY. Ideally one with a ceiling hoist, if not anything with reason access would do. any recommendations?



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    New York City? Long Island? Or NY State.
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    I stayed here in March and it was nice:

    As for a ceiling hoist - ummm, I've stayed in many hotels post accident and I've never seen one with a hoist. Hotels just have to make the rooms accessible (which basically means the bathroom) - a ceiling hoist is asking for too much I'm afraid.
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    thanks for the replies. I want to stay in the city of New York.

    I'm very suprised that ceiling hoists equipped rooms arent available in any hotels in NY,
    There are a few good hotels in London with ceiling hoists.

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    I checked access able and none of the listed hotels for NYC have ceiling hoists.
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    Ceiling lifts are more common in Europe due to the EU regulations about Safe Patient Handling enacted in the EU countries in 1991-2. There are still very few states in the USA which have even addressed this issue in my state, the Govenator has vetoed 4 bills that would have instituted these standards.

    The only hotels I know of with ceiling track lifts in the entire USA are the Wynn group of hotels in Las Vegas.

    If you need a lift and are traveling to the USA, either bring your own with you, or plan to rent mobile floor lifts from local vendors (and not very good lifts at that) and have them delivered to your hotel.


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