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Thread: Volunteering

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    Does anyone volunteer? Or has anyone?

    I was interested in volunteering at my local ASPCA and they have you sign a contract for a certain amount of obligated hours, so I might ease my way into volunteering through another avenue...

    Please feel free to share any positive (or negative) volunteering options/ideas/stories etc. I think it would be a positive approach at getting back in the workplace/non-nightlife society in some capacity.


    once again, please no (off topic) whining/bashing etc, as I'll get that shiot moderated.
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    This may not apply anymore because it was years ago, but when I tried to find volunteering jobs, a lot were wheelchair inaccessible. They only have so much money and most are found in inaccessible buildings, etc.

    That was my experience with Diabetes, AIDS & the local crisis hotline charities.

    On the other hand, if you can find something that fits I imagine it's a great way to make connections and find a permanent position. I'd love to volunteer for the local Children's Aid Foundation but fitting that into full time shift work would be challenging.

    Good luck with the volunteering though! Lots of opportunities, that's for sure!
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    Volunteering is a great way to get back into a workplace environment, Fiesty. I've had nothing but very positive experiences volunteering. In 2004 I started training and working as an ELL tutor with Literacy Volunteers of America and remained with them for 3 years. I've since moved on and, last year, began working with Hospice of Eastern Maine. I love the hospice work and I'm now considering a return to school to earn a Master's in Social Work with the aim of entering the hospice field as a full-time professional.

    Good luck with your volunteer work
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    There are so many wonderful opportunities for volunteering out there - you can even volunteer for one time events if you're unsure of how much you want to commit or want to ease into it. is a great resource for finding opportunities.

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    The one reason I am no longer volunteering is committing to a certain time of day each week. I can't be depended upon. If the pain comes I am no good for anything, and there is nothing worse than a no-show to the angency or school that has your time planned. I miss volunteering in the schools. I miss working with the kids.

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    I volunteer one week every year at a camp for kids with breathing difficulties. Days get long, but since this place works with handicapped children, some are quads, there are plenty of times to get cathing and such done.

    I volunteered at another camp, or conference, for high schoolers with "special needs" or whatever the current term is. However, they were primarily AB and therefore I had no time for self care. After a week of being up for 18 hour days, I ended up in the hospital the next week with pneumonia and a pressure sore. Administration was also lacking, so I have not been back there or plan to be any time soon.

    My advice would be to know what you like and know how much you're wanting to commit to. I've do week-long activities, but also do talks at schools for disability awareness that may take an hour. If you get up to the longer activities, talk to administration and other volunteers to see what you're getting into and that you can do everything that's required, mostly at least.
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    I volunteer for 2 different dog rescue organizations. I also found the Humane Society/Animal services required a contract with a certain number of hours and weren't very flexible. With the dog rescues I volunteer as needed. I help with transportation for dogs and at fundraising events. They contact me when they need help and I let them know if I am available.
    My main volunteering is with

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    I volunteer with a group called Rise Adventures.
    Work with any person with a physical disability, be it a birth defect or accident.

    It's been a blast so far.
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    Volunteer: change is possible

    Have enjoyed volunteering in the past and am now arranging to volunteer with kindreds at Popcorn Park Zoo.

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    I usually visit each grade at my kids school throughout the year. Give them my speech, take the handcycle for the older grades, etc.
    Preinjury I volunteered with a shelter for battered women. I answered a hotline out of my home several nights a month. They provided training, etc for this. I could not have caller ID on the line I used to answer though.
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